QuickFade contains TCA which is a well-known skin agent that helps remove skin flaws and acne scars around the body. TCA is a safe ingredient to help assist in tattoo fading combined with our natural base so it will never burn or irritate the skin, unlike other products containing TCA on the market.

QuickFade will fade your tattoo in the time period of 3-6 months. The results will depend on many different variables including the colors used in your tattoo, the age of your tattoo, the deepness of the ink in the skin, and the type of ink used in your tattoo. Light color inks will achieve results much faster than those that have darker or deeper inks.

QuickFade Gel

  • 2 oz. Bottle
  • Apply twice daily. Easy spray application
  • Rub a small amount into the area until absorbed
  • Ingredients : Purified Water, Soybean oil, Cocoa butter, Polysorate 20, Aloe Leaf Juice, Anthemis Nobilis, Chamomile Extract, Calendula Flower Extract, Eucalyptus Globulos, Equisetum Arvente Leaf, Lemon Extract, Orange Extract, Peppermint Oil, Sage Leaf Extract, TCA, Germaben II (Natural Preservative)

QuickFade's soothing natural botanical formulation:  

  • Aloe Leaf Juice
  • Anthemis Nobilis
  • Calendula Flower Extract
  • Eucalyptus Globulos
  • Equisetum Arvente Leaf
  • Lemon Extract
  • Orange Extract
  • Rosemary Leaf
  • Sage Leaf

Why fade your tattoo?  

  • Career motives
  • A change in personal taste or lifestyle
  • A regretful tattoo
  • Fading of aging skin
  • Poor placement
  • Color change of the tattoo ink over years
  • Outdated artwork
  • Lighten your tattoo, to replace it with a new tattoo

Why choose QuickFade over laser tattoo removal?  

Removing a tattoo with laser treatment will be extremely painful and may leave uncomfortable and unappealing scars in your tattoo area. Laser tattoo removal would cost you anywhere from 1,500-10,000 dollars depending on the size of your tattoo. QuickFade is inexpensive and in only 90 days you can achieve laser like tattoo removal results in the comfort of your own home. If you do choose to have your tattoo removed by a laser, pre-fading your tattoo with QuickFade can literally save you hundreds of dollars.

Satisfaction FREE product Guarantee  

Take the Quickfade Test...Try QuickFade for yourself for at least 90 days, and if you don't fade your tattoo, e-mail us & your products are FREE…no questions asked!

Benefits of QuickFade 

  • No hassle or costly laser appointments
  • Use discreetly within your own home.
  • No scarring
  • No pain
  • Naturally formulated & easy to use.