• When I was 16, I had a scorpion tattooed on my arm (I was in love with them at the time) after a while I wondered why did I get this on my arm?? I wanted to get rid of the tattoo in the most affordable way so I bought your fading gel, and I'm pleased to say it worked. I can cover up what’s left with makeup, but I just ordered another bottle so I can continue to fade it. Thank you!- Samantha

  • Great Product. My girlfriend was practicing to become a tattoo artist and I was silly enough to let her practice on me, this tattoo was nothing I wanted and I have been living with it in regret! She still feels terrible about it. A friend bought me your product for my birthday a few months ago and I’d say it’s almost gone! I may go get another tattoo but this time it’s going to be something I actually want!- Jeff

  • Thanks for your great service the past few months. My best friend and I wanted tattoos together for our graduation, after a month I didn't like it anymore, it was plain and boring and looked like a blob of ink on my back, I used QuickFade for 7 months! Religiously. It’s completely gone. It didn’t burn whatsoever like other products I tried and was easy to use everyday.- Marlena