Are you looking for a cost effective way to completely remove your unwanted tattoo? QuickFade is your answer. It's a fact 90% of people who under go laser tattoo removal procedures don’t get the results they are looking for. Our innovative product gives you better results without the cost, scaring and pain. QuickFade tattoo removal gel is a safe, effective, non-laser tattoo removal gel that will permanently fade and remove your tattoo-Guaranteed. You will begin to notice a softening of borders and fine lines in just a few treatments, possibly after the first one. Unlike lasers, QuickFade works on all colors and with continued application all colors will continue to fade until completely gone!

QuickFade contains TCA which is a well known non-prescription skin treating agent commonly used by doctors, to remove skin flaws and acne scars around the body. TCA has twice been medically tested and proven to remove tattoos. QuickFade is formulated with an advanced botanical delivery system so it will never burn or irritate the skin, unlike other products containing TCA on the market. QuickFade is also simple to use formulated in an easy spray gel application that you simply rub it in twice a day.

Why choose QuickFade over laser tattoo removal?

Removing a tattoo with laser treatment will be extremely painful and may leave uncomfortable and unappealing scars in your tattoo area. Laser tattoo removal would cost you anywhere from 1,500-10,000 dollars depending on the size of your tattoo. QuickFade is inexpensive and in only 90 days you can achieve laser like tattoo removal results in the comfort of your own home. If you do choose to have your tattoo removed by a laser, pre-fading your tattoo with QuickFade can literally save you hundreds of dollars.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or it's FREE!

QuickFade has a 90 day guarantee! Take the Quickfade test...Try QuickFade for yourself for at least 90 days, and if you don't completely fade your tattoo, your products are FREE…no questions asked!

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Customer Reviews

"This fade gel worked great for me. As with any product that contains TCA, you have to be patient, and I have used several products from over the counter and this is the ONLY one that does not burn or cause skin irritation. You should see some results in about a month, but for more noticeable results, it will take 6-8 weeks. Remember to keep sun exposure, especially without sunscreen to a minimum, or you defeat the results. Use SPF 15 or higher. I used SPF 30. My skin is a tan/caramel color, and it worked wonderfully. Remember, patience patience patience!!"

- Anonymous

"I am really amazed and everybody that sees my tattoo after using QuickFade for 2 weeks. I have already noticed it is really fading and I will keep an update going as it fades. Thank you."

- Dorit

"I have used your product for two months now and I have noticed such a huge difference, it doesn’t fade my skin color just my tattoo. I have had no irritations like I did with my last tattoo remover and it is just like putting lotion on my skin!"

- Julia

"I decided to write a testimonial because I used this fade gel. I started noticing results within the first week or less for me. I have to admit reading 3 months to see complete fade results bothered me a great deal but I as it turns out I noticed results in 1-2 weeks. I'm happy I purchased this product."

- Anonymous