A Proven Track Record

Below you'll find dozens of reviews e-mailed to us from past customers. "There is just one reason Quickfade is Award Winning... IT WORKS!" If you would like to share feedback about your experiences, please e-mail our customer care team. We also honor your wishes if you prefer to remain anonymous.

  • This fade gel worked great for me. As with any product that contains TCA, you have to be patient, and I have used several products from over the counter and this is the ONLY one that does not burn or cause skin irritation. You should see some results in about a month, but for more noticeable results, it will take 6-8 weeks. Remember to keep sun exposure, especially without sunscreen to a minimum, or you defeat the results. Use SPF 15 or higher. I used SPF 30. My skin is a tan/caramel color, and it worked wonderfully. Remember, patience patience patience!!- Anonymous
  • I am really amazed and everybody that sees my tattoo after using QuickFade for 2 weeks. I have already noticed it is really fading and I will keep an update going as it fades. Thank you.- Dorit
  • I have used your product for two months now and I have noticed such a huge difference, it doesn’t fade my skin color just my tattoo. I have had no irritations like I did with my last tattoo remover and it is just like putting lotion on my skin!- Julia
  • I decided to write a testimonial because I used this fade gel. I started noticing results within the first week or less for me. I have to admit reading 3 months to see complete fade results bothered me a great deal but I as it turns out I noticed results in 1-2 weeks. I'm happy I purchased this product.- Anonymous
  • This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get rid of my tattoo I love it! I’m glad I didn’t go with laser removal that is very expensive. Your product was very inexpensive and I really think it is great!- Kristen
  • I got a tattoo on my 18th birthday around my arm and I was embarrassed to show it to anyone now that I’m 30. My friend told me about QuickFade. I purchased a few bottles and my tattoo is nearly gone, thanks.- Anonymous
  • I was in Mexico and I got a tattoo, yes it was not a smart idea, but I did it with all of my friends. And I totally regret getting this tattoo I can’t believe I did it. Anyways, I saw your ad on TV for QuickFade. I want everyone to know it’s awesome and I really am thankful for this product! It really does work in a short amount of time. I’m getting married next month tattoo free!- Becca
  • The product is excellent and did match my expectation beyond norms. It is exactly what I was looking for.- Katie
  • Wow this is truly amazing I can see it starting to work already and its only been a few days and my skin is definitely not red or burned like other products I’ve tried. I say this is an excellent product- Anonymous
  • I have a tattoo of my old boyfriend we got one together, well we are not together anymore and I feel silly to have the tattoo so my mom talked me into getting this tattoo fading gel and I use it every day! It works and you can notice a difference very quickly!- Elizabeth
  • Hey everyone I just want you all to know this product works. I had a ring tattoo on my finger! It was awful!- Cecily
  • I love this product, It worked great on my back tattoo...I received this product very promptly & I am very satisfied with my purchase...thanks- Anonymous
  • This product works really well! Been using it for about a month and it works, my tattoo is much less noticeable. I highly recommend.- Peter
  • So I sampled this product out and noticed substantial fading. I just ordered two more bottles I am very impressed!- Anonymous
  • Everyone who regrets there tattoo choices should try this amazing tattoo fading gel it really works it’s not a joke and it smells good to so you don’t have to walk around smelly.- Anonymous
  • I'm on my second bottle. I could really see a difference is a few weeks. I keep using it everyday and continue to see improvement. I thought it make my arm a little red in the beginning but it doesn’t irritate my skin at all and I have super sensitive skin- Vergil
  • I am using the product and I like it even I was skeptic about the effectiveness of the product. It doesn't say eliminate the tattoo but fade. Indeed, most of my tattoo is getting less visible to almost gone. There is one spot that is still showing and I hope it will go away too. I only used this product for a couple months. I think it will be completely eliminated if I keep using it. Definitely recommended.- Anonymous
  • I received my tattoo fading gel from you a week ago; I love it already why did I contemplate on ordering so long.- Jessie
  • My wife hated my tattoo she has always given me a bad time about my tattoo, so I decided to do something about it, and trust me it made my wife a lot happier!- Brandon
  • I decided not to ruin my skin anymore, so I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone by buying your gel to remove my tattoo. I’m so excited!- Katy
  • Before buying this I went through the reviews and reviews of similar products. This one is cheap and was highly rated! My tattoo is fading, I have a job interview in a couple months and need it gone!- Anonymous
  • When I got my first tattoo I didn’t check out different places to see who does good work and who doesn't, my mistake and yes I have lived with my mistake for 6 years now and I am sick of it...So 3 months ago I bought your product, praying for a positive outcome and I want to let other people to know that I was very satisfied and my tattoo has almost completely faded away. Thank you.- Anonymous
  • Finally an inexpensive product that really works. I'm so happy to see my tattoo fade away. Would definitely recommend this product.- Bridget
  • If I could, I would be a spokes person for this product! I had a large tattoo on my neck and chest from a drunken incident - don't ask...the tattoo made me a bit nervous because I am preparing for my wedding and knew that it wouldn’t be very attractive in pictures. Long story short, I used QuickFade gel to fade the tattoo I began to notice a fading within 10 days. Within 5 weeks, my tattoo was faded enough to where I could apply my normal makeup and completely cover it up!- Dominique
  • I was really scared since I have dark skin to use this product because I really didn’t think my tattoo could fade. But I decided I couldn’t knock it until I try it, so I bought the 3 month supply, and it really faded my tattoo it was crazy! I feel so much better about myself; I don’t have to always hide my tattoo everywhere I go so I’m not embarrassed. I am very thankful and I just wanted new buyers who may be darker to know it works great!- Nate
  • This product is incredible! The first few weeks I noticed immediately a fade and now since I bought the three month supply my tattoo will be faded enough to have it covered. Thanks a lot for you and your product.- Anonymous
  • The best thing about this stuff is that it works, and it’s not greasy. Can't go wrong with this purchase. Fast shipping!- Ethan